Hong Kong

Hong Kong

48 hours in… Hong Kong

Day 1 
  • As a yoga lover, Tian Tan Buddha was naturally from the very beginning on the top of my to-do list. Luckily enough, it wasn’t very far away from the airport, actually to go to Ngong Ping took me only 45 mins. One of the reasons you might want to pay a visit at Big Buddha is because it is recognised as one of the greatest centres of Buddhism worldwide. You’ll find this beautiful bronze statue standing right next to Po Lin Monastery and its unique location meant to symbolise the balance on a human’s life between faith, society and nature.
  • To visit Big Buhddha at first place you’ll need to take the cable car which takes you on a fantastic 25 mins ride across the city’s national biggest park/forest. Alternatively, you can take the hundreds of stairs that lead on the top of the hill and then come back with a cable car. Just be aware that on your way back you’ll probably need to wait on a long queue till the time you’ll get ready to go. I decided to stay till late afternoon and then on my way back to cable cars I got shocked by how long was that queue. Ideally, I’d recommend you to target to leave the village no later than 3 pm.
  • Once you’ll arrive at Ngong Ping you’ll definitely want to see the Monastery along with the Gong Ping Village. They’re both gorgeous places! Personally, the experience of visiting the incredible Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery near the Big Buddha was unforgettable and the stunning Chinese gardens surrounding the whole area made the whole place looked even more picturesque. Go for the Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas for a totally blissed-out experience!
  • Entering the monastery you’ll find out hundreds of the famous little golden buddhas scultptures decorating the internal part of the main monastery which is located on the top of the hill.(Find out more www. plm.org.hk). Also, don’t miss the interactive exhibitions at the Ngong Ping Village on your way up to Big Buddha!
Day 2

One of the must-do things in Honk Kong is walking across the Victoria Harbour. The stunnig view is getting even better during the night time when you can see the millions of the lights on the skyscrapers sitting along the harbour. For a better experience take one of the star ferries and sail across the harbour. From there you’ll get very easily to the city centre where you’ll find a few of the fanciest boutiques of this impressive city. Hong Kong is a duty free destination, so in case you’d like to make any expensive shopping this is definitely the perfect place to start with.

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