Marbella holidays 2018

Marbella holidays 2018

Marbella holidays 2018

Marbella beach and party guide

Marbella is known as part of the marvelous Andalusian coast, the amazing marina of Puerto Banus, the excellent dessert wines and the beach parties that bring the biggest DJs from all over the world! This is a great place to be for a weekend getaway and Easter is another good opportunity to enjoy Marbella’ sunny weather. Be sure to go early on spring or late summer to avoid the crowds. You won’t regret it!

Seven & Funky Buddha  
  • We decided to visit ‘Funky Buddha’ only because we knew that this venue is the best real nightclub in town! In this club you’ll find a long variety of dancing floors and separate rooms and along with the funky decoration this place has the best reasons to throw each night one hell of a party!
  • The second night after a long walk through the flashy marina of Puerto Banus we went straight to ‘Seven’. A few years ago I was in Saint Trope and I mistakenly thought that this was the ultimate yautching experience. Puerto Banus and its flashy yautchs was by far the best I’ve ever seen so far. I personally recommend to visit this marina by night!
  • If the main dansing area of the clubs is too crazy there is still a nice patio area outside where you can hear the music while you’ll be enjoying your drinks without risking to be smothered by a stranger. Just as a heads up, girls and guys, expect to pay a cover fee to enter. (Aside note: do not expect sophisticated cocktails like margarita and caeperinia, these bartenders know to serve only classic Cuba libra and basic drinks)
Dinning experience – Los Marinos and Mosh
  • The traditional cuisine of Marbella is that of the Malagueño coast and is based on seafood. This is why we chose Los Marinos on our first night in this beautiful Andalusian city of Marbs. The restaurant has been recommended by a local friend and is located between Malaga and Marbella (just a 30 mins drive from Marbella). That was the place we had the best dining experience and had the chance to try some fantastic variety of sea food! With a marvellous view, located  just a few meters away from the beach, this is the most romantic restaurant to enjoy the sunset. Try chef’s reconmendation to order the fish of the day. In case you are a foodie I guarantee this will be a mind blowing experience!
  • Mosh was another fantastic place we visited for lunch and to be honest we had no idea what to expect. This restaurant is located in the middle of the highest part of Marbella, upon the hills where you can enjoy a peaceful environment surrounded by nature. ‘Mosh made me do it’ is the slogan that made me laugh and the sophisticated decoration is the absolute definition of classy minimalism. Try the steak with asparagus and the excellent dessert wines.

Beach Bars – Opium and Trocadero Playa

  • Opium takes this long sandy beach to the next level! I must admit we had a big (some might say huge) day there starting drinking early in the afternoon and getting tipsy by the time that the party started. If you’re a party-animal expect that things really take off after sunset!
  • On the weekends there is a few cool dancers around. You’ll see them dancing around with their cool costumes having fun with the crowds and make jokes with a great singer who performs near to the pool.  Opium is the place that you need to keep your mind open and is without second thought the ultimate beach party place in Marbella!
  • Trocadero Playa is the place where you’ll be having amazing time relaxing on the beach with zero expectations for having a party. It has really nice vibes (things here stay classy unlike the rest of Marbells beach bars). Oh ya, I almost forgot… bikinis are just optional no matter which beach of Marbella you chose to do your sunbathing.

Top 5 – Things to do in Marbella

Best place to stay: RBNB flat at old city

What to see: The beaches of Venus and La Fontanilla and those of Puerto Banus and San Pedro Alcántara have been awarded the blue flag

Where & what to eat: Los Marinos

What to do: Go for a long walk to the old city – enjoy Marbella’s nightlife

To avoid: driving during the rush hours

Worst things: nothing really