Photo by: @TomaszSZ

Malta was another amazing destination that was not on the list of my target destinations for years.. Nevertheless, the chance to visit this lovely island came literally out of the blue. A friend of mine was the reason I got to explore this fantastic place and I’m so thankful about it! Actually my friend, Andrey, had me invited in August to celebrate together his 30th birthday in Malta.

Malta has been nominated as the European Capital in 2017 and this was the only thing I knew before I arrived in this colourful city with a long history and a fantastic cosmopolitan aura!

Day 1

  • The first day we followed a tour to Upper Barracca Gardens. These gardens are built on the top of the bastions and offer a breathtaking view towards the Grand Harbour.
  • We also passed across the infamous Strada Stretta, where I took the most of the photos, including the one with the very cool Maltese policeman!
  • The same day we had a seafood 2-course lunch in the fishing village Marsaxlokk and this was the place where I got thrilled with the island’s brightly- coloured fishing boats!

Day 2

  • We rented a lagoon catamaran and went for swimming and sunbathing whilst sailing towards Gozo island.On our way to Gozo, we stopped in Comino, Selmun and St Paul’s Bay. The beautiful rocky beaches and the turquoise crystal clear sea waters were one of the highlights of our stay.
  • One of the best Maltese experiences I also had, was the quad bikes tour around the island. That was the coolest experience I had, cause it took me just a few hours to explore all the beauties of Gozo island! I had so much fun driving on the tiny hilly streets!

Top 5

Best place to stay:Gold Lion ResidnSea hotel  |Recently renovated ~ quite modern

What to see:  Gozo Marina| Dingli| Ramla Bay | Crystal Lagoon

Where & what to eat: Sea Food at La Regia restaurant village Marsaxlokk

Level 22 Nightclub on the 22nd floor of Hilton hotel for clubbing

What to do: Walking tour around Valletta

To avoid: Ordering anything else rather than seafood at the seaside area of Malta

+ Info: Visit Malta

Photo by: @TomaszSZ