J’avais dessine sur le sable son doux visage

When I was planning my trip to Paris, I could never expected that my precious friend and super talented photographer Vasilis Katsaros was doing the same. Thank you Vasilis, for this surreal feeling of us meeting unexpectedly at the heart of the city of Love.

I could visit dramatic  Paris a million of times, and still having the same experience of visiting a completely different city. If I would be given the chance to stay in France for a year, would I think it twice? Definitely not! This is the feeling I got, every time I explore down streets, that somehow never discovered before. This time I decided to go to Louvre and also to Rodin Museum.

Day 1

  • When asked what some of my favourite things about Louvre, the sleeping hermaphrodite instantly comes to my mind. To me, two genders living in one body is the absolute representation of what really means beauty into an embodiment
  • Another favourite piece of art is the Odalisque from Eugene Delacroix and Esther from Theodore Chasseriau
  • I know that I might sound silly romantic but what I loved most at Rodin Museum, was the fabulous  Rodin’s sculpture, The Kiss

Day 2

  • After the walk around the museums, a bit of reading in a Parisien coffee, and perhaps another walk down the Rue Rivoli, it was time to meet with friends for dinner.
  • Shortly after our dinner, I got disappointed when I realized there were no tickets left for Paris Opera. Luckily enough, we found many tickets available at the central opera of Bastille to see the Midsummer Night’s Dream ballet. Needless to say, how much excited I was to see more than 65 beautiful Delacroix customs in the same night. As far as I can tell, this play is pretty dang epic!


Best place to stay: Paris Mariott Opera | Centrally located | Amazingly friendly staff

What to see: Musee Rodin | phenomenal garden views

Where & what to eat: Au petit riche | Boullon Chartier
Corrèze veal chop, served with white asparagus  | duck foie gras, snails

Hotel Particulier – Montmartre

What to do: Register for the Paris Free Walking Tour. Joining the Sandeman’s famous introduction to Paris will give you the opportunity to experience some really phenomenal views.

 Visit the Expo “L’atellier des lumierses”

Rent a small boat in park de la Villette

To avoid: This might seem like a given, but it is important to book your tickets for Louvre in advance if you don’t want to waste time standing in a long line of tourist

Wearing: Ted Baker coat, Nike training shoes, Vintage Barroso bag, DSquared2 Jeans

Photos by Vasilis Katsaros

The title is a lyric of the song Aline by Cristophe

Sleeping hermaphrodite_Son of Hermes and Aphrodite_Antiquities/ Greece/ 500-30 av J-C 

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